Issue: "Houses for fire-stricken residents of Ilia"
Edition of ΕΤΑΕΑ - SΕGΜ, January 2009
1st design group: Arsinoe Kappa, Dimitris Stasis
2nd design group: M. Anastasiadis, G. Koumertas, S. Makarona

Proceedings of the 1st world conference: "Science and Art"
Edition of the Union of Greek Physics, 2005
Publication of Arsinoe Kappa's paper:
"New geometries and contemporary architecture"

Exhibition catalogue: "Ephemeral structures for the city of Athens"
Book 3: Revelations, Edition of Cultural Olympiad, 2003
Publication of proposal at the category: "Creative Activities Space"
Design group: M. Alexiou, A. Kappa, M. Krissilia, J. Psallida

Issue: "Profession: Woman Engineer", E.D.E.M., March 2008
Presentation of works of Arsinoe Kappa and Julie Psallida, as part of promotion of the work of greek women architects and engineers.
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