Born in Athens (1974).
Graduate of the Architectural School of N.T.U.A. (1999)
Postgraduate studies at the same school (Inter-scientific Program "Architecture – Spatial Design", direction Ι: "Architectural design – Space - Culture").

Worked at the architectural office of N. Despotidis and the office of B. Giovri. Since 2000 he collaborates with technical offices, taking over architectural designs. From 2005 to 2009 he collaborated with the technical firm “Topodomiki”, elaborating designs for residences, apartment buildings, retail and industrial buildings, health and welfare spaces, outer spaces etc.

Some of his works have been published in “Buildings” magazine and the annual edition of the Postgraduate Program of the Architectural School of N.T.U.A. Attended the UIA Congresses of 2005 in Istanbul and 2008 in Torino. Participated in various architectural competitions with several distinctions.
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