ixnos07 architectural office (pronounced: ichnos07) was created by a collective effort of a team of architects who share common visions and goals, being itself the continuation of a course that starts at the student years in Polytechnic School.

The office aims at the implementation of an architecture that gives great importance at basic priorities of design, like the relation between inner space and its surroundings, the correct functional structure of spaces, the principles of bioclimatic design, proportions, shapes, materials, colors. An architecture that expresses itself by simple means and austere forms, that attempts to articulate a contemporary architectural speech and tries at the same time to provide answers to issues like development of the city and familiarizing of the public space.

The office’s members have a long-lasting experience in projects of various challenges and in various scales of design and have the support of a group of associate engineers of all disciplines. Thus, the office takes over projects that cover a wide range of commissions, both private and public. Regardless the size and the type of project, the aspiration of every design is to accomplish the goals that are set in common with the clients, the originality of the proposal and its accurate and clear drafting.

ixnos07 consists of the following associates:

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